Collab: Whiskey Knits vs. The Stereo Wire!

Locals Only!


I am so excited to announce Whiskey Knits’ first clothing collaboration with Everett’s own Henry J of the Stereo Wire radio show! Every Friday night at 8:30, you can tune in to 90.7FM to hear local music and other delightful oddities.


I was particularly excited to provide the Stereo Wire with merch; it was only a year ago that I found a home in Everett, and this show was my gateway in to the rich local music scene.


I met with Henry at a local beer bar, hoping to talk business and long-term plans for merchandise. Immediately, we sifted through patterns, materials, photo shoots, and market locations, to finally decide on an extremely limited quantity of 20 cozy, smooshy beanies that would be sold only at his Pop Up Shop. I asked Henry why he wanted to have a hat that was so bright, so uniquely his, and not offer shipment outside of the event. True to his nature, Henry shrugged, saying only, “I just want people to wear my merch.”



After six years on the radio, there’s no doubt Henry is doing what he loves. You can catch interviews with local musicians and live, meticulous discussions about their craft. On a blue moon, you can even spot him spinning at local shows like Small Business Saturday.




These hats are truly for Everett, and I’m proud to be a part of each and every stitch (2,736 per hat, to be exact). You can pre-order your beanie now through November 28th at the Stereo Wire website here. While you’re there, mark your calendar: Henry’s 300th show is on Black Friday, and there are going to be some killer deals on those limited edition t-shirts.

Tay and Henry J snip.PNG